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Philadelphia Canoe Club

Membership Pathway

Step 1: American Canoe Club membership ($40/yr) 

This supports healthy waterways and paddle sports nationwide and it provides insurance for club events which would otherwise be $10 per person per event. 

Step 2: Get to know your 3 endorsers

The membership application requires the names of 3 endorsers who are current club members.  There are lots of opportunities to connect at classes, social paddles, moving water trips, workdays, potlucks, meetings, and other events. Because active members get a key to the club it's important that we know each other and are all invested in this being an enjoyable, safe, and beautiful place for generations to come. As you get to know people, ask if they can be your endorsers. All members know you need this and most are happy to help.

Step 3: Candidate Membership ($25/3-6mo)

Candidate members are proposed to the board on the First Monday of the Month and then voted on at the General Meeting on the Third Monday of the Month at 7:30PM 4900 Ridge Ave.  Please make every effort to attend the general meeting after you've submitted your application or email if you're unable to attend. If an application is submitted between the first and third Monday it may not come up for a vote until the following month.

Step 4: Active Membership ($180/yr)

After 3-6 months as a candidate member you can be voted in as an active member.  Please attend the general meeting approximately 3 months after your candidate membership vote or confirm with the membership chair which meeting you're able to attend. As an active member you get a key to the facilities.

Optional: Paddler Card to Support the Fleet ($60)

The paddler card covers the use of club equipment for non-members at trips and events listed on the calendar April-November (eg Thursday Social Paddles and Wednesday Whitewater.) With the Paddler Card and ACA membership you can join trips and events at no cost per eventIt does not cover formal instruction or classes.  

This is not a required part of becoming a member but can be a good way to connect with the club and meet people to be your endorsers for Candidate to Active Membership applications.

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