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Club Gear Use Policy

PCC policy requires boats to be used only on bodies of water that PCC uses for training. Club boats cannot be used on rivers above class II except for training classes. The fleet captain can make exceptions for members to use boats for other bodies of water. 

Active members may borrow PCC-owned boats and other boating equipment for their own use for the day as long as it does not conflict with PCC-sponsored training programs or trips. Members wishing to take out gear overnight or for an extended period of time must contact the Fleet Captain. Availability of boats will be based on our need to have the boats for training, PCC trips, or other club activities such as Open House. Any member borrowing a boat or other equipment must sign for it in the sign-out book in the stone shed and sign it back in at the end of the day upon returning the equipment.  Boats should be cleaned after use. 

Non-members and non-resident club members may only borrow PCC boats for use on official club trips (trips published in the club schedule, CaNews, and on the web). All borrowed boats must be signed out by an active club member and counter signed by the non-member borrower with his phone number and address. If the boat is borrowed for more than three days, they must pay a $5.00 per day wear-and-tear fee. The member who signs the boat out is responsible for collecting the fee and turning it over to the treasurer.

Equipment borrowers must pay for repair or replacement due to damage, except normal wear and tear, which will be determined by the Fleet Captain. All damage to boats must be reported in the boat damage report form located in the boat shed. No person who damages a boat should be allowed to borrow another boat or equipment until they pay for the repairs to the damaged boat or equipment. 

On the day of training or a club trip, the availability of boats may be diminished. Be cognizant of our training and trips schedules. Members wishing to borrow a boat on the day of training or a PCC trip must call the instructor or trip leader to see if there are any extra boats for the day. Availability of club boats is at the discretion of the instructor or the trip leader.  

Remember that you are responsible for the safe and timely return of all borrowed equipment. Please return the boat clean and the equipment in good condition. 

Altering club equipment is not allowed without the permission of the Fleet Captain and the PCC board of directors.  

Do not borrow other club members’ boats without their permission. Do not borrow any boat not designated as a PCC boat. Boats may not be signed out overnight or for longer periods of time without first talking to the Fleet Captain. Failure to do so may result in executive board disciplinary action against you. 

Contact the Fleet Captain at fleet@philacanoe.org.

PCC Practices and Procedures Manual, Pages 3-4, Revised 01/05/2007 

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